Understanding Energy

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HINKLEY Point Nuclear gets go ahead from EU, which is good , but will it be built?

Shale gas Prospects for Europe

There are no free lunches with Enthalpy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 "God is a thermodynamicist" Vlatko Vedral

Welcome to Energy Engineered Solutions where we understand energy


Company Outline:

Energy Engineered Solutions, EES is a company that specialises in the assessment of Client projects existing or proposed, that are considering the use of energy or energy products liquid or gas.
We supply specialist engineering services worlwide to assist Clients in the following main areas:.
  1. Technology selection and assessment.
  2. Mass and energy balances.
  3. Project feasibility.
  4. PPA and/or product sale.
  5. Tariffs and incintives available.
  6. Project specification and design.
  7. JV partners and/or finance.
  8. Project build and commissioning.
  9. Ongoing monitoring.

Services Provided in:

  1. Energy Efficiency and technology upgrade.
  2. Renewable Power systems, wind, hydro, PV and heat pumps.
  3. Pumped Hydro Electric Storage PHES Fresh and Sea water
  4. Biomass to power.
  5. Waste to power and fuel.
  6. Pyrolysis of plastic or tires to fuel or power.
  7. CHP and tri-phase generation.
  8. HVAC design and control
  9. District Heating Schemes
  10. Electrical systems and disrtibution.
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Some Current Projects:

Romania, Ireland, UK and Chile:

Pyrolysis to Oil:The conversion of end of life plastic to useful oil for export sale. These projects will convert approx. 6,000t/yr per module of mixed plastic into pyrolysis oil for combustion. The yields are approx. 75% for plastic the remainder going to syngas and carbon black for reuse in front end or reprocessing. The plant in Romania is now producing approx. 10t/day of mixed gasoline and diesel that will be further refined into constituents. The Bulgarian project is being permitted at present and should be commissioned by 3rd Q 2015.

The second generation pyrolyser in Romania is being commissioned in March 2015 with central energy generation for 3 drums and automatic control.Additional cooling has been added to speed up loading of feedstock and we anticipate being able to achieve 24t/d of throughput.


1) Large Scale Seawater Pumped Hydro Electric Storage SPHES rated at 1,280MW:I act as technical director to Organic Power Ltd a renewable energy company with developments in wind , biomass  and SPHES. I am part of the design team that took the large SPHES project of 6GWhrs on Glinsk mountain  from initial site identification to final planning for Organic Power. I carried out energy and storage calculations and final turbine specification. Follow the progress of this unique project on Organic Power web site.

2) Small scale CHP 220kWe for hotel and leisure complex.

3) 18MW Biomass plant for site in Kildare using straw as primary feedstock backed  up by woodchippings, with a heat sink of 100 hectacres of greenhouse using low grade heat from turbine. Overall efficiency >80%

4) 2MW Tri-Phase Plant with district heating.This project involves the upgrade of an existing tri phase system with gas engine chp and absorption chillers and export of waste heat to apartments and hotel complex.  

5) Steam generation and Refrigeration rationalization.Project in food industry to recover heat from ammonia chilling plant to preheat process and washdown water with goal of reducing steam demand by 1.2MWt.

6) Fuel Conversion :Advise large LPG company when changing clients feedstock from HFO/Diesel to LPG with resultant savings in energy and CO2 and sulphur emmissions

7) Legal: Acting as expert witness in arbitration and court cases on behalf of insurance companies.


Large Air to Water Heat Pump :Upgrade and increased thermal and electrical efficiency for  air to water heat pump district heating/cooling system in a large urbinasition in the Marbella area.

Goal to reduce electrical consumption by approx 40% by rationilizing the compressor selection and eliminating the constant flow of the original design.



Other Energy Technologies with projects ongoing at present are:

  1. Waste to Oil and/or Energy using pyrolysis and syngas generators.
  2. Project energy analysis.
  3. Biomass CHP
  4. CSP with PHES
  5. Tri Phase CHP
  6. Solar absorption project for 2,000MW cooling in Saudi Arabia.



2008 to date:

Feasibility studies on projects in the renewable energy sector are part of my expertiese.I've carried out thermodynamic studies on projects involving biomass, pumped hydroelectric storage (PHES) both fresh and seawater and small scale hydro and PV farms.These projects have the end aim of producing electricity from renewable source for export to the grid.The geographic spread of the projects is from Ireland, U.K,Spain and Montenegro.The projects vary in size from 500kW to 440MW.

I act as an independent consultant to companies, banks and high net worth individuals who would like to invest in renewable energy while safeguarding their investments. I offer a complete appraisal of projects with relevant technology selection and specification from initial concept to final connection to grid.

1979 – Oct 2008  

I joined R.N.Murphy & Assoc. a small services consultancy practice in 1979 and as MD from 1984 expanded the practice over the following 30 years up to my retirement from the company in 2008, into a medium practice with 50 professional engineers and technicians.



  • To acquire and retain new Clients, understand their brief , design and implement as cost effectively as possible the building services concept, oversee the design, specification and tendering documentation.

Post tender I’d Interview contractors for compliance and for recommendations on value engineering, certification of claims, oversee commissioning and O&M documentation up to final certification and handover to Client

  • For individual capital investment projects, I was responsible for the business justification process, budget management, selection and management of contractors, drawing up commissioning requirements, safety and project managing the projects through to completion.



Achievements & Strengths:


  1. Successful development of consultancy practice.
  2. Can acquire and retain local and multinational Clients
  3. Can successfully manage professional people.
  4. Can manage projects from conception to completion
  5. Knowledge and experience to assess developing technologies for cost effective incorporation into project specification.
  6. Thorough understanding of IT and all aspects of current dealer and comms room design and backup and can deal with the jargon.
  7. Ability to foresee faults in designs and to quickly access site problems and propose realistic and economical solutions with faulty design or installation



1972 – 1978

In 2002 I started with a fellow graduate a specialist cleaning company. We were involved with specialist cleaning both chemical and mechanical, mainly high pressure water and chemical in the pharmaceutical, energy, and food industries.

We were also involved in recycling of waste oil and disposal of chemical hazards.

The company developed successfully up to 1978 when we employed 23 and I sold my interest to my fellow directors.


1970 – 1972

After graduation I worked in Combustion R&D and heat transfer products with a manufacturing company in Ireland.






NATIONALITY: Irish     D.O.B: 10/10/47    HOBBIES: Golf,Swimming,Socializing. HEALTH: Excellent

Large Institutions and Banks dealt with in recent years.


  • Bank of New York Dublin Office.
  • Anglo IrishBankcorp
  • Bank of Ireland IFSC
  • Brown Brother Harriman
  • Citco bank IFSC
  • Citrix IFSC
  • Dell Headquarters Fit Out
  • National Lottery headquarters.
  • Depfa Bank IFSC
  • Google Headquarters
  • Irish Nationwide Headquarters.
  • Northern Trust Bank Hq. Dublin
  • Quintillion Bank Dublin
  • State Street International HQ Dublin
  • State Street Poland 3 No. offices.
  • State Street Turin Italy.
  • Ulster Bank Dame St. & George Quay.
  • Amazon Cork
  • Quinn Group.

  Some Past Experience:

The design and build projects generally involved interpreting the outline brief prepared for the developer/contractor by a Client. We worked with selected contractors in arriving at competitive budgets for the services section of the project. I would undertake the outline design of the main elements of the projects and work up schematics for the mechanical and electrical section of the build. We would then work with the selected manafacturers contractors in finalizing detailed installation drawings to match brief, budget and build program for the project. I consulted with architects, quantity surveyors and structural engineers for the project on a regular basis to ensure the timely implementation of the services section of the project during detailed design the build out of the project.

Design changes and on site problems were dealt with by me on a daily basis with usually fortnightly reports to the architect and/or Client. Cost control and budget compliance reports were prepared by me on a regular basis as was certification of claims from nominated manafacturers and contractors.

Abroad I was responsible for the complete design and build services section of the refurbishment of Boryspol Airport Kiev, Ukraine in the early 2000’s.This was a major project that lasted for 14 months and was funded by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. I oversaw the design installation with Irish mechanical and electrical contractors being the main contractors and local sub-contractors from Ukraine and Poland providing local labour and backup.

I was Projects Engineer on Maynooth's Manor Mills Development, Newbridge's Whitewater Shopping Centre, and Athlone Town Centre. I acted for AngloIrish Bankcorp for 15 years on all their new offices, upgrade and the installation and enlargement of their dealer rooms. I also had responsibility for the relocation of Bank of Ireland to IFSC, Dell to their new headquarters at Cherrywood, Google to Barrow St. and Amazon to Cork. I set out below some of the major clients that we have dealt with in recent years.

I was the design engineer for Westminster Council on the refurbishment of the 22 storey City Hall in 2001,this also included the installation of a new high speed lift. We also won the European car park of the year award for the refurbishment of the car park under Hyde Park in 2001 where we were responsible for changing the old code for underground car park that went back to 1949.

I was also engineer on many of the government de-centralization offices for developers in Ireland, e.g. Tullamore, Limerick,Wexford,Cavan.

Just finished in October where I acted as Project manager overseeing the move of a plc to new a corporate headquarters. This involves all aspects from developing brief, to sourcing suitable premises, lease negotiation, liaise with landlord, briefing Architects and engineers and managing the procurement of office furniture and transfer of utilities and cost management to final snagging and account settlement.




Our Services

We offer comprehensive, independent energy consulting service in the following areas:

  1. Technology Assessment
  2. Feasibility Studies.
  3. Energy Management
  4. Cost benifit analysis
  5. Plant Selection & Design
  6. Project Management

Utility Ancillary Services

Eirgrid into the West

Contact Us

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